The art, science and philosophy that deals with detecting and correcting the vertebral subluxation.


A condition of the vertebrae that has lost its proper alignment in relation to the vertebrae above, below or both; causing interference to the transmission and our reception of a neurological mental impulse.


We are committed to the Path of Self Mastery by being continuous students of life and Chiropractic. Leading by example to the best of our ability is our main focus in order to inspire and help others on their healing journey.

The Chiropractic Clients We Serve

We are here to serve all, regardless of age or conditions. We seek to serve humanity unconditionally; healthy or sick, physically challenged or simply desiring to express more potential, we welcome all! We focus on pregnant mothers, newborns, children, and family Chiropractic Well-being Care to promote a healthy future for all.

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Why we believe the Neuro-spinal system is THE most important system in the body.

The nervous system is by far the most important system of our body; more important even than our genes in controlling our physiology. It is the medium used to transfer Life Force, encoded with information, in the form of mental impulses, from the brain cells to the tissue cells. It is the wiring system of our being through which the brain controls body function and human electricity flows.

The spine houses and protects the spinal cord, which is the information highway of our being. The two are ‘married’ to one another; when one moves, so does the other. The functional integrity of the spinal cord is directly dependent on the functional integrity of the spine. The spinal column is not only the “health keyboard” of our body but also its support structure.

The spine is our back, which is what is behind us: our past! The spine harbors all the past experiences we could not properly integrate. It is also where we carry everything that we do not want the world to see. It is where we store our “baggage” and our stresses.
Popular expressions such as ‘my boss is on my back’, ‘what a pain in the neck this project is’, ‘she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders’ or ‘this is a pain in the butt’ all embody the reality of where we store stress. Many past patterns that no longer serves us lay stagnant, stuck there, affecting our being and physiology.

When released, a new physiology emerges, a new quality of life is available, a new “you” unfolds, and healing is possible.